aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Countdown to Resurrection Morning

I've gotten up at half-past-gawdawful three mornings in a row this week -- either to assist collinsmom with her doctor's appointments or to help her get out the door to school. At the same time, this is Holy Week, and I have been ravingly busy. I am burning the candle at both ends and holding a blowtorch to the middle!

Tomorrow, I have got to get my part of preparations for our Maundy Thursday Seder done -- several hours' work. Friday, I have to finish preparations for Easter Sunday. This includes hanging the Confirmation Class Banners in the sanctuary. Saturday is the last choir practice, plus the Easter Egg Hunt, for which I am responsible for building the cooking fire for hot dogs. I also have to pick up the cake for our Confirmation Class on Saturday.

I am playing the organ for a trio singing "Sleepers, Awake!" for the Sunrise service; we rehearsed tonight. The choir is singing a cantata during the main service, and I am receiving my Confirmation Class. So, if everything lines up as I have hoped, I will have three Baptisms and three Confirmations -- six professions of faith in all -- from among the youth I have worked with over the last five or six months.

Confirmation Class is incredibly important to me. It's personally the most important, most fulfilling thing I do. So -- prayers for Braxton, Laurel, Mira, Matthew, Jared, and Jordan, please!

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