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Robert Irvine is being dropped by Food Network for exaggerating his resume (it turns out he didn't design Princess Di's wedding cake). I'll miss him. I found him fun to watch. I also found him far more competent than several of FN's various kitchen mavens -- Guy Fieri, for example; he obviously knew his stuff.

And, I guess I understand the need to let him go. You can't just ignore the misrepresentation. You've got to pay a price for this. At least, in the real world. I mean, politicians do it all the time. Joe Biden is an easy example here.

But what mystifies me is, Why do some extremely competent people feel the need to exaggerate their credentials? Robert Irvine is not some schlub wanna-be. He has real accomplishments to his credit. He has real talents on display. Was the FN gig so important it was worth lying to get? Or had the lie been planted way back when, so that the now-successful Irvine being considered by FN couldn't figure out how to drop it from his "official" past?

Now that it's all out in the open and FN has done the proper and Robert is paying a price, maybe we can move on. In a couple of years, I could see Irvine back on TV, maybe even for FN, in an entirely new deal. After all, his skills aren't fake. Nor is his on-camera personality. Maybe he could write a couple of cookbooks in the meantime, to build up to a new debut. (He could do an autobiography, How I Cooked My Own Books*, maybe).

We'll see.

*How I Cooked My Own Goose sounds even better.

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