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Friday, I was nosing around Cataract State Recreation Area, trying to lay out a hike. I hadn't been to Cataract in close to twenty years. It's at the northern edge of Owen County (where I grew up), but technically speaking it ain't close to anyplace.

There are two sets of cataracts, an upper and a lower. The upper is the steeper fall, and in days gone by a millrace (now dry) was constructed along the shore. There is also a neat old covered bridge (though the highway now goes around it and all it's for is walking across and taking pictures of).

The stonework in the picture below shows the wall of the millrace and an opening which probably was used for the waterwheel axle once upon a time. There is no other trace of a mill here, but the water is still known as Mill Creek. A few miles downstream, there is a dam, and Cagles Mill Lake backs up almost to the Lower Cataract. So, I'm guessing that Cagle was the guy what owned the mill which gave the creek its name.

Cataract SRA Cataract SRA
Remains of millrace

Click on pic to enlarge.

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