aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Yet another loonnng day

Jade (our truck) is ailing, so yesterday and today, I took collinsmom back and forth to work. In addition, I had mucho mucho things to get done, so I have raced through the last two days on a dead run, and I am poop-ed -- verschisselt -- all in.

But . . . we did get done early enough this afternoon to go out to Wilderstead and relax for a while. Built a fire and cooked supper -- ah, boneless pork chops roasting on an open fire, seasoned just right with garlic, sage, and pepper. Time to talk, to look at little flowers and plants.

Now if I only had the time to do some cleanup work out yonder, and walk/repair my barbed wire, and get some more gravel on the road . . . Life is like fighting a Lernaean Hydra right now -- you chop off one head, and the stump sprouts two more. Oy, Herk! toss me a torch, willya?

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