aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

'S all good

Ash Wednesday service tonight went well. I do basically the same service every year. There's no preaching, but there's good, solid Scripture. Old-fashioned hymns, mostly. Imposition of ashes. The old, old communion liturgy -- what Methodists call the "back of the book" service. Very traditional. Just let the words and the ashes and the bread and wine do the talking. It's a solemn service, but not a gloomy one.

I was hustling today. I was at the hospital last night for a parishioner's emergency, and wound up visiting with two of our Scouts, who also had family things going on in the ER. (Had I known, there was another parishioner in the ER I missed, but I'll catch up with him tomorrow.) Anyway, I thought things were going to be a little less hectic today, but the lady I went in to see last night was having exploratory surgery today, so as soon as my after-lunch Bible study was over, I hied myself down to the hospital and sat through some of that. It was 4:00 when I finally left the hospital, and the palm fronds weren't even burnt yet.

But I told myself, it's okay. It's all God's timing. If I had been wasting time on frivolous pursuits, I'd've been kicking myself for being behind. As it was, God had put me where I most needed to be, so I just trusted him to give me what I needed to do the rest of the day's/evening's work. I was hurrying to get everything ready for tonight, and of course everything went fine. All I had to do was be there to lead the people through words I have said hundreds of times. I even had plenty of time to rest and collect myself.

'S all good.

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