aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

He giveth me strength as my day

The confirmation retreat went very well. collinsmom spent the weekend with me and the kids. I've been doing about the same mix of lessons and activities in my confirmation retreats for about twelve years now. I'm confident enough that I can adjust the pace and the level of activities as we go.

I'd publish the format, but you can't give leaders the ability to lead the entire weekend just from a schedule and a description of various activities. In the end, I give all I know and am to the kids each time. That comes on top of all the time we've spent learning and praying and getting comfortable with each other in class. The retreat is important and powerful, but cannot be separated from the whole building-of-relationship with God, me, and each other that makes evangelism work.

Had a nice nap this afternoon, too. That's important also.

New secretary's first day is tomorrow, so I've got to be up betimes and make sure I'm there to help her get started right. Then, my friend Beth Ann is coming up to the Conference office for a meeting from her lair down in Evansville. She wants to grab some lunch and talk church politics and whatnot. Sounds like a good and easy day.

I do need to clean up my study enough to find my notes and schedules for the District Lay Speakers School I'm supposed to be leading in a month. The District office is hassling me for info I'm not ready to give yet, but need to be ready with.

Thursday, I plan to go over to Newport to join that_guy_zach for a massive dinner at the Hofbräuhaus. Then, I'll stay the night at Wilderstead. If I get over there early enough, I think I'll walk my fence line and see how much barbed wire I've got to mend this spring.

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