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To hear the various candidates speaking to their followers tonight, they all won in Iowa. But of course, that's silly.

I heard John Edwards speak to his followers, and he sounded pretty good, even though I disagree with him on, well, everything. But then he went on and on. His followers wanted to cheer and party. He should have said, "Thank you," and shut up. And then he made the absurd statement that there are 200,000 homeless veterans in America, sleeping under bridges and whatnot. I thought he must have misspoken or I must have misheard him, but then he repeated it as "hundreds of thousands."

Mike Huckabee did a great job speaking to his followers, too. I noticed that he quoted G.K. Chesterton. Awright, Mike! He also talked about Iowa being, not the end, but the beginning of a long march ending at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. "one year from now." Momentary shock went through me, as I thought of how long it's going to be, for all of us. The exhausted candidates have a whole year more to slog through. What must it be like to look at your calendar and say, "my whole life is on hold for the next year" -- particularly after all that you've sacrificed just to get to this point. Wow. And of course, the idea that we ordinary Americans have to put up with this campaign and so on for another year is just appalling.

Hillary ties Edwards in delegates, but it looks like she'll come in a close third in actual votes. "Hillary loses" is big news. And she lost badly. Two-thirds of activist Democrats in Iowa didn't want her. That's got to hurt. She's got a lot of umph left, so it ain't over, but for us proud members of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, it was a nice evening.

As for Obama, he's the big winner among the Dems. He beat Hillary among women. I don't know whether his charisma will translate into much of an edge in a one-on-one with the eventual Republican candidate, or if he's just that much more likable than Hillary and Edwards. Maybe both Obama and Huckabee are not card-carrying members of the Usual Suspects. That may be what's going on in Iowa as much as anything.

And now, as all too many of them said, it's on to New Hampshire.

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