aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

A good likeness, if I do say so

This is my favorite Christmas gift this year. A parishioner outfitted a bear in imitation of me in alb and stole.

Benedictus Benedictus
A pastor bear gives his blessing: gift of parishioner, Christmas 2007

The Day itself was very good. I was up betimes, to begin the Roast Beast preparation. While that was going on, had to finish cleaning the house. Aunt C. and Cousin B. weren't able to make it, but my sister, Claire, did. That made four of us for Christmas Dinner. We even got out the good china to serve it on.

Sassafras was all ratcheted up with excitement while the Beast was roasting. We couldn't give her any of the scraps from the outside of it, though, since I had put garlic on it (garlic and onions are very bad for dogs). But she got some of the inside meat later on.

Afterward, we played a couple games of Trivial Pursuit. The old Genus edition is pretty outdated by now. The second game was of the Warner Bros. edition. Claire won a game, and so did I. It has literally been years since I have played games like that.

Mostly tired today. collinsmom was feeling frisky enough after her PT appointment to take siege shopping for some clothes, leaving me to share a couch with Cuthbert.

I'm taking my son back to Mole Hill, IN, tomorrow. I'd drop in on that_guy_zach for some holiday cheer, but he's scheduled for the entire tentacle porn treatment in the hospital December 27 (colonoscopy and endoscopy). So, he'll have to get along on prayers alone. Hope they get his ulcers under control again.

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