aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Deanne update

Took Deanne to the ER. Took a nap, sort of, while waiting for their mills to grind. The ER doc sent her to a local ophthalmologist. The verdict is an inflammation, most likely related to her rheumatoid arthritis. He prescribed two kinds of eye drops. Went to our regular pharmacy; they only had one kind. Wound up at a second pharmacy to complete the order. All told, we spent nearly five hours dealing with it.

Came home exhausted. I whomped up some supper for us and we watched the news. D. is feeling some better. I was trying to count up how many doctors and therapists she's been to since the semester ended last week. Counting the vet, it's about six or so.

On the veterinarian front, Sassy's troubles may be starting up again. If it's not one family member sick, it's another. Anyway, things should be clear enough for me to get out of town tomorrow. I certainly hope so. I can't take care of sick wife, sick dog, distressed out-of-town son, parishioners in hospital, etc., unless I take care of me, too.
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