aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Rejoice, we conquer (well, at least we survived)

Big day yesterday, big day today. Got up early to get stuff over to the church and get ready for everything. Snow had fallen, and the world was white and quiet. It was lovely. This picture was taken of our church back door before too many folks trampled it up.

The Backside of Glory The Backside of Glory
Sunday morning snow, 12-16-07

Attendance was low, but that was to be expected. Some churches, particularly north of here, canceled. We forged ahead. The cantata was lovely. We had three tenors (of which I was one) singing "We Three Kings," which was well received.

After worship, we punted on Sunday School. Mostly sat around and visited in the fellowship hall. I had brought the leftover Black Forest Cake and Plum Pudding over, and many folks were pleased to tank up on the richness.

At 11:30, my District Superintendent arrived, and we did Charge Conference (church annual business meeting). All went well, and I'm glad to have that over with for another year.

Then, one mom and four youth got together with me and we began to bake in earnest. The white bread was a disaster. Wouldn't raise, wouldn't bake right. Had to throw it all out. The quick breads, however, did amazingly well. We knocked out 24 mini-loaves of Banana Nut Bread and 12 mini-loaves of Cranberry Nut Bread. Yum-O, as RR would say.

After bringing all the stuff home, collinsmom and I did a post-mortem on the White Bread awfulness. Turned out that the biggest mistake was, I forgot to let the bread rise a second time, in loaves. Well, duh. In my defense, I was tired, distracted, had four youth badgering me for directions, couldn't find my glasses half the time, and hadn't actually baked bread for years. Okay, the defense rests. No more whining.

So, tonight I am baking the white bread (8 loaves). Tomorrow evening, I'll knock out the whole wheat (another 8 loaves). And then, we'll be DONE. Hallelujah.

Planning on going up to Clinton to visit Phred tomorrow. Need to get out of town, big-time.

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