aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Haven't posted in a coupla days

Yesterday, the Charter Partner Rep and I took our new Scoutmaster candidate to lunch and laid out the church's view of its Scouting program. I wanted things said and questions answered before announcing an appointment. Dean seemed to appreciate that. We are all on the same wavelength now, I hope. Anyway, his appointment will be announced forthwith, and we will make a big deal out of retiring Lloyd and commissioning Dean on Scout Sunday in February.

collinsmom is down to crunch time with her schooling, which leaves me holding the bag on several things. Not blaming her, but nevertheless feeling a bit put upon. We've got workmen coming in today to replace kitchen cabinets and sink and to install a dishwasher -- all good stuff. But that left me to wash all the dishes last night after she left for school and then clean out the cabinets this morning. I got up at 6:00 a.m. in order to get a head start on things.

One of our Wednesday Bible study folks, who was responsible for the main dish for today's lunch, is sick; so, I got asked to trade with her, and I had planned to bake a ham. Well, that's today. I just put the ham in the oven over at the church (since our kitchen is going to be in chaos today).

Meanwhile, Advent starts Sunday, and I'm not ready. I've got to spend some time doing last minute liturgical whang-dangs and recruiting people to do the Advent Wreath and all that. And I can't find the Christmas card list, so I'm falling ever farther behind on getting those out.

Life is very busy right now. But then, when is it not?

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