aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Just for grins

Soðlice sum monn hæfde twegen suna. Þa cwaeð se gingra to his fæder, "Fæder, sele me minne dæl minre æhte þe me to gebyreþ." Þa dælde he him his æhta. Ða æfter feawum dagum eall his þing gegaderode se gingra sunu ond ferde wræclice on feorlen rice ond forspilde þær his æhta, libbende on his gælsan.

Ða he hie hæfde ealle amierrede, þa wearð micel hungor on þam rice and he wearð wædla. Þa ferde he and folgode anum burhsittendum menn þæs rices; ða sende he hine to his tune þæt he heolde his swin. Ða gewilnode he his wambe gefyllan of þam beancoddum þe ða swin æton, and him mon ne sealde.

Þa beþohte he hine ond cwæð, "Eala, hu fela hyrlinga on mines fæder huse hlaf genohne habbað, ond ic her on hungre forweorðe! Ic arise ond ic fare to minum fæder and ic secge him, 'Eala fæder, ic syngode on heofonas and beforan þe; nu ic ne eom wierðe þæt ic beo þin sunu nemned; do me swa anne of þinum hyrlingum.'"

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