aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Different roles for different pets

collinsmom was noting how Sassafras looks up to me as her pack leader. She was waiting for me, very patiently, to come let her out. I read an article recently on tips from the Dog Whisperer. He said that dogs are pack animals and are only really happy when their place in the pack is assured. The human has to be the pack leader. Letting your dog run all over you doesn't make the dog happy. So, yes, that's what I've become. I am the pack leader, and we're doing very well together.

Cats are a different matter. I'm not Cuthbert's pack leader, I'm his Mommy. He'll let me cuddle him and stroke him and even clean the gunk out of his eyes. collinsmom is just a fellow kitten by comparison, and he plays rough with her. Which is why I call him Saint Sometimes. Last night, he tagged her good with his claws. But then, she had just come back from a long school commute away. He acts out when she's been gone too long, claiming attention in negative ways. He does that to me, too, but settles down much faster for me.

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