aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Trick or Treat -- my life in a pumpkin shell

I finally got an estimate on getting the AC fixed in my Plymouth Breeze. Used parts (a bargain) + labor = approx. $500. Ouch. They'll get 'er fixed next Tuesday.

Meantime, Miranda is drivable, which is good, since I'm supposed to help transport Scouts to a campout tomorrow. (I'm returning Saturday evening.)

But . . . nothing's ever that simple. One of our shut-ins died yesterday morning. And, we haven't heard anything from her family. A death in the parish trumps the board, and I'll have to drop the Scouts to do her funeral. On the other hand, her family has no loyalty to her parish, and they live an hour or so away, so who knows what they want. I'm just sitting around, waiting to get a call from somebody to tell me where I have to be over the next couple of days.

I'm getting a few other things done, but it's slow. I just got back from running errands. Forget one, so it'll have to wait till the morning. Aaargh.

I'm soooo sleepy right now. A nap might fix me up. At least my evening meeting canceled a couple of days ago. I can stay home this evening and get some stuff done for Sunday's Hallowe'en party.

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