aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Adipose Angst

224 lbs. That's up a whole pound in a week.

First came the metabolic slowdown. I could feel my body slipping into winter torpor. Gotta watch my eating, I said to myself. But my weight remained stable. Then came the cravings, particularly for such things as salt and vinegar potato chips. So I'd sneak myself a small bag on out of town trips. Still no weight gain. This weekend, I carbed out, especially on desserts. And now I'm up a pound.

I need to make sure my eating doesn't go wild as I head into cold weather. And I need to start walking again -- more than the daily promenade with the dog. Or else I'll balloon up again, and then what was the past nine months of denying myself for?

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