aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Slow News Day

I find it hard to care about Al Gore's Nobel Prize. He can join Rigoberta Menchu for a game of cribbage over at the Phony Pony Bar & Grill, and they can tell each other how important they are. I don't have to hang out with them and the other gasbags the Norwegians seem to favor.

If I'd stopped to actually think about it -- as if the Nobel Peace Prize mattered anymore -- I would have thought the 100th anniversary of the world Scouting movement (2007) would have been a good time to honor the legacy of Baden-Powell, who saw Scouting as a great movement for world peace (it is).

But we are left with Al Gore, instead. Good thing he buys carbon offsets -- he'll need all that Nobel money to clean up his own hot air. Our British friends have him pegged:

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