aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Head for the hills

I'm leaving in a couple of hours for Wilderstead, where we will have my birthday dinner. Looks like a small gathering. Curt and siege and that_guy_zach and the two of us (plus Sassy). There's a chance that Fräulein Führerin will join us; then, there's her parents plus maybe who knows.

The weather looks a bit iffy, so I'm taking the stock pot to cook in, rather than the Dutch oven. We'll do the Saarländer Eintopf over propane instead of an open fire. It'll do just as well. Because we're expecting a small crowd, we've abbreviated the menu a bit: Nuts and cheese for appetizers; no salad; Eintopf with rye bread for the entree; collinsmom's homemade low-carb cheesecake for dessert.

The next big gathering out at Wilderstead will probably be between Christmas and New Year's, when we celebrate our anniversary. This New Year's Eve will be our 34th. Boy, were we young. And now, we're old. Well, middle-aged.

Where did it all go? My body sure tells me I'm 54, but the boy I was still looks out through my eyes.

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