aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Full day

I managed to crawl across the finish line last week. That's good. collinsmom and I had a good, long talk yesterday afternoon. It's like we were married, or something.

Anyway, I went to Cincy last night and got some yummies at Jungle Jim's for an upcoming choir luncheon we're hosting (no-bake Tiramisu and Bougatsa *evil snicker*). Then I went out to Wilderstead and slept in the cabin.

Got up this morning and dealt with the problem that called me out there: a dead tree. A sassafras, must've been 35 feet tall and some ten inches in diameter, hanging over our toolshed. I was worried that the next storm would bring it down on the tin hut and mangle it. The dirt at the base of the tree was disturbed, as if the tree was settling -- so I think I got there just in time.

I got out the big ladder and made a rope sling about 15 feet up between two trees to hold the upper part of the snag. Then I tied off the base about chest-high to another tree. Then I sawed through the base. As the tree broke free, the bottom rose, but was restrained by my knotty work. Then, all I had to do was untie the running end of the sling, and slowly let the whole thing down. I guided it carefully and it settled nicely on the ground behind the shed. Then I whacked and stacked it, cleaned everything up, and hit the road. I was on my way home by 10:30 a.m.

Got home, ate lunch, walked the dog, saw collinsmom off to Razzberry, read e-mail, ran errands. *pant, pant* Now, I have some down time before the evening meetings.

I'm very tired, but I have a real sense of accomplishment. And I'm not as down as I was (I get that way from being too tired and overloaded with people encounters). Wilderstead always does me good. I'll never be wealthy, but God has given me a refuge where my heart can rest.

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