aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,


The air is crisp and autumnal this morning. It feels great. The moon last night was like a big, orange pumpkin rising in the east. Fall is here.

I'm feeling better this morning, despite having seven metric buttloads of stuff to get done. I think it's because I have nothing scheduled today. Items on the calendar warp time. You can't start that, because you'll have to drop it to go do X. Instead of getting Y done, you have to grind out a report or lesson plan or make a phone call to get ready for Z.

Pastoral work is entrepreneurial. The more lines you have inked in on your daily planner, the more confined you are, and the more some stuff'll have to slide. AND, the more tired and frazzled you're going to get.

Anyway, this is my day off, which means I'm finally getting around to non-work errands and housework. (Oh, joy.)

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