aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Greasings and salivations

Well, we finally got around to roasting that leg of lamb I had originally intended for Easter Sunday. Slow-roasted, basted frequently, falling-off-the-bone tender. NOT done with mint (barbarians!) but with rosemary and onions. And we had fresh asparagus (a.k.a. ambrosia) to go with it.

Sassafras, that lucky dog, got the leg bone. She just loves our Atkins diet!
Sassy had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb,
Sassy had a little lamb, and it was very tasty.

A fine ending to a fine day of rest and recuperation. Tomorrow in church, we have another couple of professions of faith to do amidst a joyous hymn-sing. (I like to schedule hymn-sings for the Sunday after Easter, when my brain is too tired to preach.)

And, of course, we will remember the Pope in our prayers, as well as all our Catholic brothers and sisters. This is a very Catholic community, so there will be a lot of feeling being expressed. I did a 92-year-old member's funeral yesterday, April Fool's Day (which his daughters thought was appropriate). Still running after people in hospitals, but mostly caught up on shut-in calls. Maybe this week I'll get caught up enough to spend a day working on correspondence for our trip to the UK. Then the IRS has to have its pound of my "too, too solid flesh." Oy, veh.

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