aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Gettin' 'er done

Back when fear of criticism ruled my life, I spent a lot of time talking about how busy I was. It was kind of a pre-emptive way of dodging criticism. This is very common amongst the clergy, who often lead lives similar to migrating ducks -- there's a hunter in every blind. Some clergy also brag about how busy they are, as if the sheer amount of stuff they're doing adds up to a guarantee that they're accomplishing something.

Anyway, I was talking over busy-ness with my friend Curt last night. I was sort of shaking my head at the crowdedness of my life these days. Basically, I've got something on every day in September and October except where I've gone and marked "OFF" or "Wilderstead" on a day. But I wasn't dodging criticism or bragging; we were just two clergy friends comparing notes. And I'm happy to point out that I have reached a level where I actually put down personal time off on the calendar and am starting to make it stick. So that's healthy.

The week is in the bag, now. I'm heading off to Wilderstead today and tomorrow, to bang nails. Hope to get the most of two walls' paneling finished. Don't plan on visiting anyone or socializing. Got work to do. collinsmom wants to hold my birthday party out in the holler October 5th, and that means I've got to finish this job and clean it up. Right now, the place is a mess: lumber and tools everywhere, and no point in sweeping it out if there's just more to do.

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