aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Hound of Heaven

I took my dog for a long walk (or was it the other way around) today. She must think she's part sled dog, because she drags me most of the way. She's not very big (a mid-sized dog with stubby legs), but she's got power. Since siege moved out, and collinsmom hasn't been getting home till almost 5:00, the only person available to walk Sassafras is Your Humble Correspondent. But I confess it's been good for me. I don't get enough exercise, and having to take care of the dog is getting me in better shape. So she is a blessing in furry disguise.

Sassy is a beautiful dog, but utterly unique. People are drawn to her. And they inevitably ask, "What kind of dog is that?" Since she is a mix of many things, I usually give them an answer, tongue in cheek.

Oh, she's a Cameroonian Cuddlehound.

She's a Variable Hound: in the Summer she's a hot dog; in the Winter she's a chilly dog.

She's an Objet d'Art.
(You wouldn't believe the people who speak French who miss this one.)

And after getting hit by this, they look puzzled for a moment, and then (almost to a man) they say, "Ah. I always wondered what they looked like."
Tags: personal, words
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