aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Update on Sassafras

collinsmom took Sassy to the vet this morning. She definitely has a tender tummy, which is causing her diarrhea. She almost bit the vet when he touched her in the wrong place. So, she got an anti-spasmodic and some antibiotics. She has also been put on a diet of rice cooked in chicken broth, which she dearly loves.

I'm hoping she doesn't have a bone fragment blocking something inside (she was given some bones a couple of weeks ago -- bad idea). A blockage might mean surgery. So we will pamper her and pray over her and hope that we can get her cleared up with the meds and soft diet.

I remember a Lynn Johnston cartoon of a young mother with a toddler getting his knee sewed up in the emergency room. Mom has a fearful expression on her face as she strokes her child and thinks, "I forgive you everything."

I feel like that.

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