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Lots of thunder, no rain

I've been puttering (or is it 'putering?) about on the Internet for several years now, and I've been doing LJ for several months. But, I dunno. Doesn't it seem to you-all that there's a lot of, well, cranks out there? And not just people who are passionate and well-informed, like Matt Groening's "The Genius From Another Dimension" (one of the 9 types of college teachers, see below), though there are plenty of them out there; rather, we're talking about "The Single-Theory-to-Explain-Everything Maniac" (another of the 9 types of college teachers).
--from Lesson 18, The 9 Types of college teachers,
"School is Hell," by Matt Groening.

Quote: "This theory goes against all logic, history, and expert opinion, but I tell you it is true."
Advantages: Loony, entertaining.
Drawbacks: Loony, scary.
Warning: May turn you into a believer.

Quote: "The nation that controls magnesium controls the universe!!!"
Advantages: Easy to please.
Drawbacks: Parroting isn't learning.
Warning: Theory may be correct.

I'm particularly finding a lot of these guys in certain sections of the on-line religious community. I mean, I can respect people with strong opinions. Sometimes, after serious give-and-take, all that is left for us to do is to respect each other's strong opinions: we understand each other fine, we just don't agree. But I'm finding some folks just won't give it up. Pound pound pound. With one guy, I kept trying to find a polite way for us to reach a coda, but back came one polemic after another -- I couldn't tell if he was trying to convince me or himself. I guess these people are like some of the folks who've been only part-way into Broceliande:
. . . who enter
come rarely again with brain unravished
by the power of the place . . .
. . . loquacious with a graph
or a gospel, gustily audacious over three heavens.

-- "The Calling of Taliessin," Charles Williams

I don't read a lot of political controversy. I'm a political guy, but I stick to what I find edifying (no sense raising my blood pressure). I don't avoid the other points of view, BTW: I live in a professional universe which mostly backs the other side, so it's not like I could get away from their side even if I tried. Nevertheless, I suspect it's the same way with the political junkies as it is with many of the religious junkies.

The Question I wrestle with is, Why is everyone so determined to outshout everybody else?

N.B. This post is not aimed at anybody on my Friends List. I'm not insinuating or accusing, I'm just tired out from some of the over-earnestness of some folks. Just in a musing mood.

Anybody got any good fart jokes?

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