aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Just for the record

I have steadfastly refrained from posting about this, though it has turned my stomach to watch it unfold. But the shrieking of the moonbats over the commutation of Libby's sentence has finally made me angry. So let me marshall my thoughts on the whole Joe Wilson - Valerie Plame - Scooter Libby debacle.

1. Joe Wilson has lied through his teeth, repeatedly, about his mission to Niger. He's home free, since there is no penalty for lying in public.

2. His wife, Valerie Plame, has lied through her teeth, too, about her role in getting the assignment for hubby Joe. She even lied to Congress under oath, which ought to be cause for her indictment, but she's probably home and dry, too.

3. The original leaker was Kevin Armitage -- a follower of Colin Powell, not some henchman of the Veep or Karl Rove -- who turned out to be a cowardly Mega-Weasel by not coming forward and apologizing. He cost the government millions to sort this mess out and left his colleague Libby to take the fall for it.

4. There was nothing here to prosecute, and the Special Prosecutor knew it. It turns out that leaking Plame's name was not a crime. For that matter, Special Prosecutor Whatsisname knew that, and knew who had actually leaked her name, and could have simply spared us all this agony and expense by issuing a report saying, "There is no crime here." Instead, he kept going until he managed to trip somebody up in deposition (Libby), and then persecuted -- excuse me, prosecuted -- him.

5. After obtaining a conviction on this minor matter, the Special Prosecutor then referred to facts not in evidence in asking for sentence -- a clear abuse. The Judge threw the book at Libby for minor crap, and then wouldn't even let him stay out of the jug while he appealed -- a courtesy routinely afforded even to major felons.

6. The President -- who should have sacked the Prosecutor and/or pardoned Libby immediately -- now commutes the prison portion of his sentence (only). Well, it's something, but it'd be nice if W. grew a pair, y'know?

The entire affair is nothing more than the criminalization of politics: a specialty of the Left. That said, there is plenty of blame for this wretched excuse for justice on all sides.

No more Special Prosecutors!

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