aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

I'm back

"Between losses and gains and joys and pains, I just about came out even on this deal."
-- Scrooge McDuck

No time (or energy) to sum up our Youth Mission Trip. Mostly, it was great, but today sucked. Be that as it may, I'm back, I'm clean, and Sunday's comin'. When I've rested a bit, I'll make a better post (with pics). Meanwhile, here is one arresting picture.

Proof that God Exists
Proof that God Exists

These were found by some of our mission trip participants on an errand to town. They brought them back for me, to my intense rapture. I promptly declared them a confirmation of Anselm's proof of the existence of God.

You see, according to St. Anselm, our brains cannot imagine something that does not actually exist. Even when Fantasy/Sci Fi writers make up new monsters, they basically make them up out of pieces of real living things that really do (or did) exist. Soooo, when we imagine perfection -- or God -- or heaven, we begin to imagine things for which there is no earthly counterpart. But since we can imagine them, they must actually exist.

(This is a very sketchy account of Anselm's elegant proof. It has some holes in it, but it ain't bad, as theology goes.)

Meanwhile, I've been saying for months -- following the lead of that_guy_zach -- that we really need somebody to invent salt & vinegar pork rinds. And there they are.


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