aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

One damp thing after another

It's a rainy day in South Central Indiana. We are getting ready to go to our nephew's wedding at a gazebo on the other side of town. Not a good day for an outdoor wedding, but as they say, "into each life a little rain must fall."

After wedding and lunch, we have to scuttle back to the church for a 50th Wedding Anniversary reception for a couple of parishioners. It makes me think that most of us at nephew's wedding won't be around for their 50th, assuming they make it.

My standard gift for weddings is a cast iron skillet. I always say, it'll outlast the marriage. Even if said marriage lasts the rest of their lives. I hope Peter and Hannah's marriage lasts, but I wouldn't lay odds on much of anything, any more.

I'm also not looking forward to the wedding itself, being the orthodox, traditional sort I am. I doubt that they want any sort of standard brand God blessing their nuptials. So I'm posting Zoidberg as my userpic, from that famous episode of Santa Claus's trial, where one character after another burst into the courtroom saying, "I'm Santa Claus!" "No, I'm Santa Claus!" Zoidberg burst in last, crying out, "And I'm his friend, Jesus!"

I'll bet Zoidberg could do a cool wedding. Woobwoobwoobwoob.

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