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Here there be dragons

Got back this afternoon from the NAUMS Annual Meeting in Atlanta. It was a great trip, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing old friends. We got some very thorny issues hammered out at our NAUMS Board Meetings and Annual Meeting. Lots of good things are coming, as well as some challenges. More on that in later posts.

Meanwhile, I have some pix of Chattanooga to share. I camped just outside of Chattanooga and commuted to Atlanta c. 120 miles away each day. It was still cheaper than registering for the big do in Atlanta at the Hyatt Regency (Lord!). On the way down, I bought some cast iron at the Lodge Factory Outlet in South Pittsburg, TN.

Anyway, I went down Wednesday and settled into camp. The next morning, I tooled about a bit before heading off for Atlanta. I skipped the Choo Choo, but I did go up to Point Park to look around. It was magnificent. I also took the time to visit the Craven House halfway down the mountain, which I had skipped last time I was here. Then I took off for the other side of Chattanooga to browse the knick-knackery at Dragon Dreams. I bought a couple of small items (draconian Christmas tree ornaments, no less).

Click on any of the pix below to enlarge.

Racoon Mountain Campground Racoon Mountain Campground
My staging area for Chattanooga and Atlanta
Point Park Entrance, Lookout Mountain Point Park Entrance, Lookout Mountain
Built by the Corps of Engineers to resemble their "castle" Corps insignia
Civil War cannon Civil War cannon
Point Park, Lookout Mountain
Lookout Mountain Lookout Mountain
From the Ochs observatory, looking out over the famous point toward Chattanooga, just beyond Mocassin Bend
Craven House Craven House
The Confederate HQ for the "Battle Above the Clouds," the capture of which by Union forces caused the Confederates to withdraw
Dragon Dreams Dragon Dreams
A must-see for FRPG-ers visiting Chattanooga


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