aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

LJ housekeeping

Finally got around to rearranging the galleries in my LJ Scrapbook. I took all of the minor galleries of Venturing outings and made one big gallery, "Venturing Memories, 2005-2006." This makes four big galleries of Venturing pix, rather than the three big ones and four little ones before.

I also consolidated six small galleries of TVUMC pix into one, "Tanner Valley Memories." And then I took five small galleries of EFUMC activities from July through December and made one big one, "EFUMC 2006." Next year, I may consolidate the 2007 EFUMC/Scouting pix into one or two galleries.

Anyway, it's less cluttered to go visit. The pix are at
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