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Finally, a real post

I've spent the last three days on vacation out at Wilderstead, doing chores. I went over Thursday afternoon. Met up with that_guy_zach for a confab with a church champ director about starting a new United Methodist Scout Retreat in a year or so. Then we met up again after I'd dumped my stuff in the holler and we proceeded to go out and eat fish and chips.

Friday morning, I got my trimmer mower (a weed eater on steroids) going and whacked down the paths and such on the hither side of the creek. I also vacuumed up all the shreds of insulation from my last trip to the cabin. collinsmom arrived for lunch with Sassafras the Wonder Dog, and we spent the rest of the day together. We talked about how to wire the circuits we wanted and lots of other things. We camped out in the cabin thereafter.

ða Wif ond se hund left Saturday morning. Sassy had a lot of burrs, as usual, that must be combed out of her coat. "There will be tears," I said. After they took off, I got down to business. It took me till 3:30 in the afternoon to finish the insulation job I had begun last trip. I also got most of the wire installed for two (out of three) circuits. I was stinko like you can't imagine when that job was done, so I went down to the creek to bathe. Wasn't much water left, but I managed to find a nice, reasonably clear pool. Then I went into town to run errands. I spent a quiet evening in the woods.

This morning, I finished the third circuit, plus ran some coax cable that collinsmom wants for later. I then mowed on the other side of the creek, where Fuji's grave lies. I cleaned the cabin top to bottom to get rid of all the insulation fluff and sawdust (from drilling holes for wire), then I treated it for bugs. The last thing I did before leaving was to set off a bug fogger underneath the cabin in the crawl space.

I wouldn't want you to think that I was merely playing hooky from church, though. I've done more praying the last couple of days than I have in the last couple of months. So it was sort of like a work retreat for me. A valuable use of time, and I hope it leads to something.

I took some pictures, which you will find below the cut, along with some commentary.

What are you doing here? What are you doing here?
Big honkin' black snake surprised by Sassy
Covered in burrs but it was worth it Covered in burrs but it was worth it
Sassafras relaxing at Wilderstead
Bathing pool Bathing pool
Not much water flowing in the Pishon, but enough to splash around in
Jewelweed Jewelweed
a.k.a. Touch-me-not, Healall
Stony creekbed Stony creekbed
A view looking down the Pishon

Sassy was barking her fool head off at something behind a tree. Turned out to be one humongous black snake. Must've been three feet (plus) long. Of course, snakes are deaf and it couldn't hear Sassy barking. But you can see by its posture that it was recoiling from this large, inquisitive dog.

I took several shots of Sassafras resting in the shade. The one, above, is rather atypical of her expression, but looked just saucy enough to pique my interest. She enjoys her time out in the woods so much; however, she hacked and wheezed all the time she was out there. Probably needs her asthma medication adjusted or changed.

The nature shots are all down in the creek bed. There is my chosen bathing pool. Not the best choice, but without running water something nice to have on hand when you're sweaty-awful. Lots of jewelweed around -- which is sovran against all itches and stings, including nettles and poison ivy. Finding and identifying this plant is a must for outdoorsy types! And then, there's the long, stony creekbed all overhung with trees in full leaf.

I love my land so much. I breathe easier when I'm out there. (Of course, it's good to be home, too, catching up on the computer and getting ready to watch Iron Chef America.) More reflections later, maybe, when I'm rested up.

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