aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Well, that's done

I made on-line reservations for Raccoon Mountain Campground in Chattanooga for three nights, so I can attend the NAUMS Annual Meeting on June 1. The total price was fifty-two bucks and change. Period. That's all, folks. That wouldn't get you one night in even a fleabag motel in Atlanta, where the Annual Meeting is being held. I am feeling shrewd.

Now, of course, it's getting harder to spend nights on the ground at my age. Still and all, though, I'd sleep as badly in a strange bed in some hotel as I will on the ground.

I believe this is the only way to travel -- especially for someone like me, who hasn't got mega-bucks to burn or an expense account. Attending this meeting represents a real (if not overwhelming) financial burden for this preacher from a one-horse town. But I'd probably camp, even if I had money to burn.

I just wish I had someone going with me. *sigh* Driving to faraway places by oneself is such a bore after while; at least, occupying oneself after you get where you're going is.

"Such predicaments. I must forge ahead."
-- T. Bone, Existential Blues

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