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I like to write new tunes for old texts and new texts for old tunes. Most aren't great hymnody, but some are worth singing now and then. Some twenty years ago, I set myself the task to see if any tune, however unlikely, could be made to bear a Christian text. I picked the unlikeliest tune I could find: the old fox-hunting song, "John Peel." I kinda like the results; it ain't profound, but it is fun to sing.

The Laughter of God

Have you heard the tale, how in Galilee
The Lord called some fishers away from the sea
To tell to all he'd from death set us free
And give us new life in the morning. Chorus:
For the sound of God's voice roused Christ from death's bed,
Keeping faith with his flock, as he oft-times said;
Th'laughter of God shall awaken the dead,
And we'll all shout for joy in the morning.

To the grieving folk bound with chains of gloom
He spoke of his kingdom of joy and of room
That he'd make for those who with tears by the tomb
Had denied there could be a new morning. Chorus

Then remember how in the garden there,
He trembled and shook as he knelt in prayer,
But he still found faith in the dark night to dare
That with God he would rise in the morning. Chorus

So then let us sing and in him delight,
For Christ lives again and has set us aright
With God above, and we'll pass through the night
When he calls us to joy in the morning. Chorus

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