aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Old Home Week

I went out to Ransburg today to give my presentation on Cultural Diversity to the National Camp School participants. I was introduced by the Course Director, Randy Brown, who is also my Scout Executive. I began by telling everybody that Randy had given me twenty minutes to make sure that all the Neanderthals finished evolving. And then I launched into my presentation.

Afterwards, I met several people I hadn't seen for ages. There was a young man who towered over me, whose name sounded vaguely familiar. He was about 15-16 years old when I was an Chaplain at Old Ben Scout Reservation in 1995. He remembered me, and his smile at that memory would light up a room. He also said that Stu Metcalfe (from Camp K days) -- whom I last saw in 1992 -- was asking about me. So maybe I'll hear from Stu some of these days. Another used-to-be-a-kid was Greg Griffin (a.k.a. Chura), one of the Scouts I took to Africa in 2001, and now the Rifle Range Director at Ransburg. Then there were various adult Scouters I only see once in a blue moon, but with whom we pick up where we left off when we meet.

Well, well, well. Here my whole presentation was about belonging, which is what we are trying to build into our Scouts, despite all the fault lines that separate us. And I feel greatly affirmed in my own belonging to such a wonderful bunch of people.

Thank you, Lord.

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