aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Presentation for National Camping School next Monday

Cultural Diversity
Fault Lines in Society
Cultural Diversity

Quidquid recipitur per modum recipientis recipitur.
"That which is received is received according to the capacity of the recipient."

Introduction: the perception of difference
Examples of being the only one like me.
Differences are perceived differently, depending on who is perceiving whom.

Major fault lines in our society include the following:
"Race" in most places in America means African-American vs. White
In the Plains States, it is mostly Native American vs. White
In some places, partic. the coasts, it is Chinese or Korean vs. White
The fastest growing ethnic minority is Hispanic

Ethnic tensions exist within groups seen by the majority as all of a piece
Examples: Japanese vs. Korean
Puerto Rican vs. Mexican vs. Cuban (etc.)
Sioux vs. Crow
Hutu vs. Tutsi
Irish vs. Italian (this is mostly archaic by now)

Urban vs. Rural
White Appalachian vs. Yankee
Military vs. Civilian

Socio-Economic Status
Rich vs. Poor
(note esp. how "generosity" and "caring" are sometimes perceived)
Educational level

Catholic vs. Protestant
The false unity of Protestantism
Mormons, Jews, others: Pastoral care, sabbatarianism, dietary issues

Male and Female leaders in Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting
Venturers (adult and youth)
Camp staffs
Maintaining friendly relations with Girl Scouts

GI's, Silents, Boomers, Thirteeners, Millenials
Trying to be hip doesn't work

Differences in ability
Working with Scouts with physical handicaps
Working with Scouts with mental handicaps

ASL: do you have an interpreter you could find, if necessary?
Body language: Watch out for gestures, too.

National Origin
(Example: Tanzanians and Congolese)
Canadians are not "Americans"
New Zealanders are not "Aussies"
"Nobody can find my country on a map."

The unifying culture of Scouting
The international camp staff program

The methods of Scouting
The culture of Scout camp
The uniform (!)

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