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Be Prepared and all that

Had my annual physical yesterday. New doctor. It's so trying to explain your medical history and all your drugs and your ongoing complaints to a new guy in just a few minutes; nevertheless, he looks competent and attentive. He's the first guy to check my thyroid (we'll see how that turns out when the test comes back). Dropped one pill for a month, added another to try out. Rinse and repeat.

Also got a tetanus shot. Mainly just because my last one was ten years ago, after the big flood in Aurora. All the people working downtown were asked to take (free) DPT shots because of the contaminated water. As we had four feet of water in our church basement and I went in to the office every day, I grabbed one. But time flies, and I need to keep my stuff up to date.

Speaking of which, I arranged to take a one-day course in Adult/Child/Infant CPR, too. My card expired at the end of April. When I renewed it last year, I was warned that all the breathing and compression cycles were going to be changed in the fall. That meant that I didn't feel comfortable just going in and "challenging" (that's where you come in and demonstrate your skills to prove you have them, without having to take the course again). Oh well, just call it Contributing Edjumacation.

Conducted an Eagle Board of Review in Nashville, IN, last night. One of the local troop's adult leaders who sat on the Board turns out to be the new camp manager for our UM church camp over there. He wants to work with scouting ministry. Coolness! I e-mailed that_guy_zach last night to suggest the three of us get together and confabulate.

collinsmom is now home for the summer. She'll be taking a couple of on-line courses, but she won't be coming and going every week, and I think that'll be good for both of us. Plus, what with the price of gasoline right now, it'll save us some bucks. In other news, our son siege is now gainfully employed and is preparing to move in with a friend over in northern KY. I hope that works out for him. I've prayed for him more than for anything else all this past year, I think. Sassafras has a spot of ringworm on her nose, which we are swabbing with medicine three times a day. She hates it, but she has pretty much resigned herself to it and doesn't struggle much anymore. Cuthbert just came up and poked me in the back to get my attention. When you're all alone in the house (humanly speaking), cruising your favorite websites, having someone come up silently and poke you from behind will scare the bejeezus out of you. He's an attention hog, what can I say?


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