aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

At the risk of sounding frumpy . . .

And "Placebo" offered NewsBusters an explanation:

"Hatred and vilification is a leftist tenet: Christians, whether evangelical or other denominations, all are maligned by the mass-media. Falwell, of course, was used to being targeted by the media-pagans. Being Godless is camp and a necessity to be a bona fide Liberal. Their worship is that of themselves: self-anointment and self-righteousness are part and parcel, their diktat."

I found this quote on a link somewhere. It about sums up what I see in response to Falwell's death (in particular), but also what I see from the lefty loonies, a.k.a the Democrats (in general). The left doesn't just hate and vilify Christians for being Christians, however; hatred and vilification has become their only approach to everything. They say things about Bush, about Republicans in general, about anyone with whom they disagree that are fit only for an asylum for the criminally insane. The fact that they are running loose, and sharing in power, is not only disgusting but worrying.

What also worries me is the response of people who know better, but who do not establish boundaries for the haters. I see, even on my friends' LJs, comments on Jerry Falwell dripping with bloody feces -- and the owner of the LJ does not rebuke them. To me, that's like somebody you like telling one of those old, racist jokes or being otherwise obnoxious in your company. If you don't let them know they've crossed the line, they will say even more such things -- and they will assume that you're cool with that (and so will everybody else).

My friends, we are known by the company we keep.

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