aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,


Tomorrow is the end of National Poetry Month. I set out to post a poem per day this month. It's been tough, and I've about exhausted the list of short poems I like which I could include. If I try to do something every day next year, I'll probably have to pick a really long piece and post it in sections or something.

Anyway, to close out this month's offerings, here is a poem by Charles Wesley, whose 300th birthday is this year: his very last. He dictated this verse on his deathbed, after penning over 6,000 hymns over his lifetime.
In age and feebleness extreme,
Who shall a helpless worm redeem?
Jesus, my only hope thou art,
Strength of my failing flesh and heart:
O could I catch one smile from thee,
And drop into eternity!

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