aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Gettin' stuff done

It's been a gorgeous weekend. I went out to Wilderstead yesterday afternoon, and spent all evening writing and thinking in my cabin. This morning, I got up and sprayed the weeds and grasses that are coming up through the gravel in the road. Then I got after putting insulation up inside the cabin. A hot job, that. Afterward, I rinsed off in the creek and put fresh clothes on, since fiberglass can be itchy.

The moon was beautiful last night. Both last night and today, I heard turkeys gobbling, woodpeckers pecking, crows -- not to mention, the music of the creek. It feeds my soul to be out there.

Next week, I need to start up the ol' trimmer mower and whack down the grass on both sides of the creek. The week after that, collinsmom will be done with her semester, and she can help me finish setting up the wiring. I hope to have the whole cabin wired and insulated by the end of May. Actual electrical service will have to wait, as will paneling (money is tight).

Which brings me up to my vacation plans. I had planned on going to New York State at the end of May, then on to Virginia Beach to see stryck, and finally to the NAUMS Annual Meeting on June 1 in Atlanta. That's all got to be re-done now. I tried to get somebody to go hiking in the Adirondacks with me, but everybody turned me down. That means it is probably way too late to get camping reservations for the trip I had envisaged, particularly because I would be traveling and camping over Memorial Day weekend.

New plans: Spend second half of May getting the cabin and other stuff at Wilderstead done, then do a quick run to Atlanta for the NAUMS meeting. Then, in August, when I'm next scheduled to take some time off, I'll go hike Mt. Marcy in NY and swing down to VA to see family.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled net surfing.

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