aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

All the juggling bears and dancing elephants

A blessed Easter to one and all!

Ours began with that_guy_zach leading the Sunrise Service, with Yours Truly sitting in on the organ. That was followed by a leisurely breakfast and Sunday school. Then came the Main Event.

We were stuffed with people -- 203 by last count (in a congregation that averages about 110 in attendance). There were lots of visiting family folks -- and some new people, as well -- always cool. It was Luella's 98th birthday. The sermon was from John 20 (the story of Doubting Thomas): "My Lord and My God." We received 5 of our 7 confirmands (2 were visiting family and will be received next weekend): four baptisms; one confirmation. Then holy communion. (And we still got out in about an hour. This is what learning the preacher trade in a three-point charge teaches you -- I am rarely rushed, no matter how many special things we've got going on.)

All the banners from the last six confirmation classes were hanging along the sides of the sanctuary, with this year's banner standing in the chancel. The kids had made a banner with Jesus walking on the water out to a boat with seven faces in it. The caption was "Be Not Afraid."

My favorite thing in all the world is to teach confirmation class. And when they come, eager and happy, to present themselves to Christ with souls like shiny, new-minted pennies, it makes my heart leap with joy.

Christ our Lord is risen. Alleluia. He is risen, indeed!

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