aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Holy Saturday

The Maundy Thursday service went well. I thought I had turned the corner, health-wise, and could make good speed yesterday. But I felt queasy and exhausted yesterday, and had to punt on just about everything. After consulting with that_guy_zach, we cancelled today's hike for the Venturers. I was too sick to go; he was 'bout half, but we couldn't be sure of another adult.

That brings us to today. I feel reasonably well, but also don't think I should push it. If I can get the church ready, get my sermon finished, and tidy up other such affairs, it will be enough. Assuming that I feel up to scratch next week, I'll do the home communions for shut-ins that I couldn't get to this week.

I am SO sick and tired of being sick and tired! Here's to better days, brighter days. God guide my steps.

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