aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Fiat iustitia et ruant coeli

So, what is human justice capable of in the Duke rape case?

The original accuser is probably mentally ill. Merely being identified by name and face is probably punishment enough. Others who might risk being accused of something by her will give her a wide berth from now on.

DA Mike Nifong ought to be removed from office, at a minimum. If it were up to me, I'd disbar him, too -- at least for a good long while. Hey, he's young and healthy enough, he can get a job. As for bringing a civil suit against him for money damages, I don't know that money is the point, but it might be the only vehicle by which the wrongly accused young men can gain vindication. The best outcome might be to sue him, have him lose, and be assessed $1 in damages.

The deep pockets here (necessary to recoup the costs of the defense so far) are with the State of North Carolina. I think they ought to allow themselves to be sued and negotiate a quick settlement so that the families of the three former defendants aren't out any money for having maintained their innocence.

Finally, there is Duke University and its faculty, which jumped to judgment early on. The lacrosse coach was sacked, the lacrosse season canceled (punishing all the players for what nobody did), the defendants were expelled, and various faculty members said slanderous things about them. If it were up to me, the University would pay through the nose for this. But that's probably asking more than human justice can deliver. And I'll bet neither the University nor any officer or faculty member ever apologizes for their shameful part in this.

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