aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Progress made

Ich habe mindestens einen Täufling, vielleicht zwei. Und zuletzt bin ich fertig um sie zu taufen.

I went out to a parishioner lady's pond to check the water depth this afternoon. She had graciously agreed to let me conduct a baptism there, should it work out so. She has a very steep-sided pond, but there is just enough room in a couple of places to stand and conduct our business. And it's not too muddy. A lovely setting, too. Bonus.

So now, I've got to line everything up with the candidate(s). We'll probably do this next Saturday after the Easter Egg Hunt. Gotta clean my egg rifle. Release the Hounds! (Egg Terriers, no doubt.)

Feeling better about all this stuff coming at me.

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