aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Worn out but satisfied

Confirmation Class retreat went well. All four youth are spiritually ready to take the step of professing their faith in Christ. Lots of fun was had by all, though sleeping two nights on my office floor and standing on the concrete of the kitchen and fellowship hall all weekend has done a number of my legs. Worship this morning was great, and Yours Truly hit another home run with the sermon. Things are going well, I'd say.

Except that I may be facing some weirdness from one or more adults. This should be a subject for a separate post (filtered). Suffice it to say that 95% of all youth-ministry-related problems are adult-generated. I had a conversation with one adult that just, well, made me tired. I'll have to deal with this later, but for now, I'm declaring an evening of holiday from ministry.

After lunch, I toodled down to Lynnville for the Eagle Court of Honor of a young man who was barely in school when I left there. His older brother (who is getting married this summer) was one of my Boy Scouts. He apparently remembers me well, and his mother certainly does. I enjoyed visiting old church/scouting friends. And, they had deer summer sausage and cheese at the reception afterward (how Atkins-friendly is that?).

I decided to push myself to go to the Court of Honor instead of napping on the couch because I needed it. I have been feeling exhausted, friendless, useless, etc. Someone offered to remind me that I was loved. I couldn't NOT go. And it was great. I did some things very, very right in that pastorate. Some very fine young men and their families were greatly affected by what I did there, and I have a place in their hearts forever.


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