aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

I don't have to go this year

Since I'm taking our Venturers to Great Britain at the end of May, I won't have to attend our United Methodist Annual Conference in June. This is good. I'm due for a break. Last time I was out of the country during Annual Conference (to Tanzania 2001), I sent my friends this little ditty to help them through the experience.

The Annual Conference March

I won't help if you won't help
and so we are co-dependent,
in vestments so resplendent,
for Un-PC repentant.
We have nothing real to do
but we're loyally attendant
at our Conference. Chorus:
O, we are marching to euphoria,
euphoria, euphoria,
where the thinking's all done for ya
at Annual Conference.

Meetings here and meetings there
and way too expensive dining,
pointless debate refining,
ministers reassigning.
Meanwhile for another year
we see membership declining
in our Conference. Chorus.

Tune: "Marching to Pretoria"

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