aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

And, we have a winner

Rejoice! We conquer!
-- Pheidippides the Athenian message-runner, just before he dropped dead from exhaustion.

Well, the Trustees luncheon is history. It was a smash hit. We had 17 people plus ourselves to feed. They ate, they lingered, they talked. And we are pooped beyond belief.

The Cream of Potato Soup was like brown silk. The cucumbers weren't a tremendous hit, but everybody ate some. People who'd always avoided sauerkraut liked mine (a common reaction). D's cheesecake was an absolute show-stopper (her own recipe, too). We packaged up leftover soup and Eintopf for people to take home, particularly the older single people who don't cook much anymore. By the way, occasions like these are why owning a twenty-quart cast iron kettle/Dutch oven makes sense.

Sassy behaved herself, mostly, and garnered a lot of compliments. Cuthbert disappeared while strangers were in the house. (Maybe we should have named him "Nessie," since we talk about him all the time, but sightings of him by others are rare.)

My next insanity is having my Confirmation Class cook an Italian dinner for the MacMurray College Choir that's performing at the church next Sunday evening. Lasagne by the yard, hurray!

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