aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Book Review

Picked up The Cartoon History of the Modern World, Part I: from Columbus to the U.S. Constitution, by Larry Gonick. After three Parts of The Cartoon History of the Universe, this is the continuation, rather than CHU-IV.

Some of Gonick's own political opinions and prejudices show a little more here than in the previous volumes. The fact that I disagree with him on some items shouldn't mean that he can't be funny in skewering my side of politics -- though for some reason, he often misses the mark. And any topical humor in such a work "dates" it. People twenty years from now won't get the jokes.

That said, it's another whirlwind tour of everybody and everything. Great fun.

I did find one serious mistake, and I e-mailed him via his website. Said website said he answers all his e-mails personally (I was surprised). Within a day, I had a personal answer back. (I was the 3rd or 4th person to call his attention to the goof, and he's fixed the panel in all future printings.) How cool is that?

By all means, if you haven't encountered any of Gonick's Cartoon Histories or Cartoon Guides to various subjects, go out and get some Gonick NOW!

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