aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Sassafras update

Sassy was off her feed earlier this week. I figured she was depressed about collinsmom's absence. So I gave her some leftovers from pork chops. The bones were fairly big; I figured she'd chew them up. Well, she apparently just bolted them. So I've been watching her carefully.

This afternoon, she urped all over my study carpet. I put her out in the yard and cleaned that up, then called the vet. No appointment until tomorrow morning. (Old story; I'm getting tired of it.) I made an appointment for then, but then called another animal hospital. They said come in just before 3:00 and wait your turn.

So I took Sassy for an early walk. She had a nice big bowel movement, but it was a bit off-color and soupy. She seemed happy and frisky, though.

The vet was very nice. He said she's not apparently in any danger. She probably urped up the remains of the bones, but the irritation on her innards has given her flu-like symptoms -- a minor infection. So he gave her a couple of shots (antibiotic and antispasmodic), and some pills to take. He also told me to take away her regular food and feed her boiled rice (with maybe some chicken in it) for the next several days. When I got home, I canceled the other appointment.

So I got some instant rice, and made it in chicken broth. I was frying up some smoked (boneless) pork chops for myself, so I diced a couple and mixed them in with the chickened-up rice. So now I have a supply of dog food for the next few days. I gave a little bit to Sassy, and she licked the plate clean. Yummers. We are on a canine cruise vacation, it seems.

Sassy was good at the vet, though very nervous. I was proud of her. She's a wonderful dog. Besides her being my responsibility (which obligates me to care for her), I like her a lot better than I like some people, and making her happy makes me happy.

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