aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Same ol', same ol'

Last night's seminar kickoff on "Making Disciples, Growing the Church" was a big success. I had 15 or 16 people there. They were absorbed in my presentation and animated in discussion. We dealt with The Primary Task of the Church (as defined by The General Board of Discipleship). Good stuff.

Last night, collinsmom called, all confused about an assignment on Ethics. Unfortunately, I'm not up on the categories she's being asked to deal in, and I couldn't help her much. She sounded discouraged.

Today, more slogging. Office work, noon Bible study (with luncheon). Then deal with the pets, who are missing collinsmom and getting all weird and clingy with me (and weird and fussy with each other).

Tomorrow, gotta get some more office work done, visit patients in the hospital, and iron on logos for our Church Chili Cookoff on aprons, which will be presented to the winners in each category. (I said I could handle that as my contribution to the program.)

Then, FRIDAY, I've gotta get some time off. I'm bushed, and I'm grumpy, and I'm on a diet. 'Nuff said about that.

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