aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

New Year's Eve reflection

A day of rest. I was on vacation, so I spent the morning on a sentimental journey to McCormick's Creek State Park. Talked a lot to myself -- and to God. Slept most of the afternoon. Today is our 33rd Wedding Anniversary. I told Deanne that I'm already planning our 75th (I'm planning on giving her an urn on that occasion).

It's been a big year in many ways. I started the year sensing that something big was up. Lot of change in the air. Little did I know. So, went back to Africa this year, moved to Yonderville, D. started grad school, etc. and so forth. I'm pooped.

But I've also grown as a person. If you'd like to know the particulars, you will find them behind the cut.

Youse guys on LJ have kept me sane this year. Thankee. And good fortune in 2007!

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