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Chasing the Wild Goose Dept.

I was told I had two parishioners undergoing surgery today, so I interrupted my vacation to drop by the hospital. One was totally unknown to the hospital -- so, if he's having surgery today, I don't know where it is. The other wasn't there, either -- but checking around, they found that he's due to have his procedure tomorrow.

Same ol', same ol'. Why do I bother?

Good-bye, President King.

Gerald Ford died yesterday. (His surname at birth was "King.") He was a class act. I am proud to have voted for him in 1976. I imagine a lot of people who voted for the execrable Jimmy Carter now misremember their behavior in the voting booth -- not unusual, since painful memories tend to get edited by the brain.

I went to the church shortly after noon to deliver the mail. While there, I dropped our flag to half-staff.

LJ to Mozilla: DROP DEAD

The new update page is crashing my browser again. Damn.

Eye in the Sky Dept.

The new Google-earth is really something. I can see my cabin in the woods, and even the stone fence lines that run down the sides of the holler. Spooky -- especially when you realize that this is just what's available to civilians. The military has cameras in space that'll read manhole covers.

I tried zooming in on some places I've been overseas in Tanzania and the UK. They're there, but the resolution you can get with googling the US isn't there. I don't know whether that's to avoid an international incident, or whether it's just not economically feasible to add a lot of shots to a dbase that few customers in America will want to view.

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